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  3. cPanel, a provider of popular administrative tools to manage web hosting, has patched a security vulnerability that could have allowed remote attackers with access to valid credentials to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) protection on an account. The issue, tracked as "SEC-575" and discovered by researchers from Digital Defense, has been remedied by the company in versions, Afficher l’article complet
  4. Two popular Android apps from Chinese tech giant Baidu have been removed from the Google Play Store in October after they were caught collecting sensitive user details. The two apps in question—Baidu Maps and Baidu Search Box—were found to collect device identifiers, such as the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number or MAC address, without users' knowledge, thus making them Afficher l’article complet
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    MERCI POUR LE PARTAGE! je cherchais justement un tuto a se sujet
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  8. Mrc et keske jfais la JC même pas c'est quoi moncler
  9. merci meme si 15gb paraît peu?
  10. je vais vendre des vieux canvas tout péter sur fivr j'pourrais me mettre bien
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    Merci pour le partage je vais essayer ça.
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    tnx brooo
  13. An adware and coin-miner botnet targeting Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan at least since 2012 has now set its sights on Linux servers to fly under the radar. According to a new analysis published by Intezer today and shared with The Hacker News, the trojan masquerades as HTTPd, a commonly used program on Linux servers, and is a new version of the malware belonging to a threat actor Afficher l’article complet
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